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Every street in Arlington has cats living and surviving. Catching and removing these cats is ineffeciant and cruel as they have established themselves in their Community. Scientific studies have proved that when you remove any species from an area with an established food source, more will move in. The humane method of Trap-Neuter-Return stabalizes the population because they are neutered and not reproducing. Also, the nuisance behavior ends. This is called the VACUUM EFFECT. Click here for more info.    Thanks to Alley Cat Allies for this and the info below.


There are quite a few deterrents available to keep cats out of your yard.


  • Commercial products such as Cat Scram

  • Orange or Lemon peels in landscaping

  • Automated sprinklers

  • Ultrasonic Devices such as Cat Stop 


Please contact us at if you need help finding a solution.


Cat deterrents are an essential tool FAAS uses to keep cats safe in their 

neighborhoods. Please donate deterrents to FAAS so we can keep cats from

being nuisances and out of the shelter. 


Free Roaming Cat Deterrents

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