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Caring for our Community Cats

Colony Caregivers (Arlington, TX):

Please register your cat colony here, Help us show the impact, provide support, and receive community news for Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR).

If you are feeding Free Roaming cats then here are some tips to keep them healthy and safe.



  • Make sure that every cat in your care has been spayed or neutered and vaccinated against rabies. When this is done have the left ear tipped so that they are designated as altered.

  • Check the TNR Tab for instructions and resources.


  • Provide food at a regular time so that the cats know when to expect food.

  • For an adult cat, feed approximately half a cup of dry food daily (varies with size).

  • Only leave food out for 30 minutes and then remove to deter wildlife and keep the area clean.

  • A feeding station will keep the food elevated and deter insects. In the Summer only feed dry food as the canned food attracts insects. If you do feed canned food, remove after 30 minutes.

  • Feed in a camoflauged area to make the cats more comfortable and keep the neighbors happy.

  • Always provide fresh water. In Winter make sure it is unfrozen and in Summer keep water in the shade and put out extra water bowls to keep the cats hydrated.


  • Provide shelter for your Community Cat to protect them from inclement weather. This could include keeping a garage door cracked  or a simple shelter like below.

  • We recommend only using straw as it dries with out molding. Duct tape the outside of the box as well. Check local pet store or seafood seller for coolers they are discarding.

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